Sunday, 24 March 2013

MHDS ride Hulu Langat

To summarize MDHS ride yesterday: It was a gruelling 48km ride. With avg speed of 27 and only 3 stops, it is no longer a leisure ride. The hilly topo of Kuala Kubu and surroundings proved to be a real challenge for all, reserved for the few 'iron legs'. There were not less than 5 hill climbings with my speed of, at one time, was only abt 12. The rest of the times, climbing speed was at an avg around 15. With the nearing mid day scorching sun just above, the challenge is twice as GCE. For some stretch, the venue is a perfect training ground for hill climbing. It was a dual carriage way with ample riding space. However, it was a narrow trunk road without its shoulder on some links that will make riding a risk if without marshalls. BES rides had covered all the Councils. I will now have to focus on our MBSA monthly rides. But that will have to take a back seat for now. The focus will be on prep to Betong and the much awaited GE13. Long term in mind will be when and how we are going to capture Cameron via Sg Koyan. Until then...good norning all and have a productive week ahead. Kem reporting for Musangs...

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